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08/02/2024 - VIP Event One/24 with Ms Nusrat Ghani MP Minister of State

Minister of State at the Department for Business and Trade, Minister of State for the Investment Security Unit at the Cabinet Office and Minister for Industry and Economic Security - to discuss the challenges and opportunities for German business in the U

We are delighted the Minister has accepted our invitation and look forward to our event.  This event is postponed from 26 September 2023.

Location - The Royal Over-Seas Club, Park Place, St James's Street London SW1A 1LR


29/04/2024 - Working Meeting One/24

Location - New Century Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 5HU

30/04/2024 - First GIUK Online Meeting of 2024

GIUK ONLINE MEETINGS VIA `TEAMS`- Digital Employee Engagement

In response to interest from a number of GIUK members into the use of digital tools to enhance organisational engagement, two of our member companies presented their applications and experiences in use of the technology to some 20 of our members at our first GIUK Online Meeting of 2024.

John Pickering, Managing Director of Miele GB, Ireland and South Africa and Aisha Tague, Service Director, gave an in depth review of their experiences and achievements with their Digital Employee Engagement activities at Miele UK. They highlighted how the initiative related directly to a key strategic objective for the Miele Global group which was to further develop six key cultural levers in support of achievement of their overarching organisational goals. The extent of the initiative covered their extensive and geographically distributed service team as well as their office based colleagues and required impressive levels of openness from leadership to engage the wider organisation in a genuine two way dialogue across all team members. The approach outlined was also very much multi channel, from top leadership video messages and celebrating employee achievements on their internal platform, through to colleague ‘Drop In’ VCs and technical podcasts on topics of common interest. The rewards of this significant effort were also multi faceted and were underpinned by some key lessons learned such as how to maintain consistency in messaging and to ensure the relevance of each topic to the intended audience.

Steve Wilkins, Managing Director of Brose UK then presented how their myBrose app was planned and created to engage each team member more deeply within the wider Brose UK and global organisation. At Brose they adopted a specialist app provider who was able to support such a global initiative and had great success in reaching and engaging thousands of active users and a significant percentage of their global organisation. Key to their success was sharing the right balance of local (region specific) information and global group insights, to attract the interest of team members and expand their insight into the wider Brose organisation. The content within the app related to both practical operational information, such as shift plans, safety and suggestions and well as key cultural development elements such as celebrating team successes and leadership transparency. Their choice of a dedicated app platform had allowed them to focus on the creation and sharing of relevant content and was seen as a key contributing factor to the wide uptake of the myBrose app across the organisation.

Both of the presentations were well received by members, who were able to correlate the examples given to their own businesses across the diverse market sectors.

The meeting, chaired by our Chief Executive, Phil McClennon, has inspired discussion of ‘business culture change’ as a topic of interest to GIUK members, something that will help shape the agenda of future meetings for 2024.


10/07/2024 - POSTPONED DUE TO THE GENERAL ELECTION - VIP Event Two/24 with Ms Sarah Jones MP

Shadow Minister for Industry and Decarbonisation
Departments for Business & Trade and Energy, Security and Net Zero

With the General Elections coming up in the autumn and maybe a change of Government, we would like to discuss our challenges in the UK with a possible Labour Minister

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