What is Unique about GIUK

GIUK is a non-profit membership organisation with a wide network across the UK and is the first address for German business in the UK.  Our focus is mainly on German businesses here and our mission is to support them.  We are also now supporting British companies with subsidiaries in Germany or companies working closely with German business in the UK.  GIUK is self-financing and receives no German Government grant. 

Our members are the Chief Executives, and other board members, of German and British businesses so we deal with top management only.  These members represent some 200 businesses, employing some 200,000 people in the UK. 

We lobby Government ministers and other politicians at one-to-one meetings, Dinners and Panel Discussions etc. about issues of concern to us, like the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, infrastructure, productivity, skills and discuss with them possible German benchmarks for the UK with emphasis on Manufacturing, in particular engineering, long-term rather than short-term, Exporting, Mittelstand (SMEs), Mitbestimmung (co-determination), Renewable Energy, German Dual Vocational Training Scheme and others.  We are also a well-established German institution in the UK and cooperate closely with the German Embassy in London, the German Ambassador is our Patron and we are also in regular contact with other German and German-British institutions in the UK and Germany. 

You can access Government Ministers, senior politicians, the German Embassy and other German institutions through us.

Our events provide an opportunity for SME management to be introduced to management of major businesses, an opportunity to present your business, to meet new customers and suppliers and also learn about new technology, different management cultures and best practice. 

All Members receive regular newsletters providing details of forthcoming events, economic data & reporting news from business in the UK and Germany.  The newsletter is a means to keep our members up-to-date with all our work in the UK.


Standard and Associate Membership (Up to 200)
  Membership up to 200 employees
Standard and Associate Membership (More than 200)
  Membership over 200 employees
Sustaining and Sustaining Associate Membership
  • Extend your business` presence with us by allowing 3 members of your board full membership of GIUK, at a lower cost than individual membership
  • Sustaining Members are able to nominate up to 4 Alternate Members from their business to attend our events when the full Member is not able to attend, ensuring your business representation is possible at all times
  • Preferential seating at our VIP events for Sustaining Members
  Sustaining membership
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