We provide forums for the discussion and exchange of experience and views on subjects relating to
business, the economy and politics.

We lobby Government on, amongst other topics:
Challenges - Working with Government in order to get the best results for German business in the UK, post-Brexit, COVID-19 and with the situation in the Ukraine.
Dual System - Working with Government in an attempt to introduce a framework similar to the German Dual
Vocational Training System.
Productivity - Working with Government to improve productivity in the UK.

Online Meetings

Online meetings for members and guests to discuss challenges and current issues including, amongst others, apprenticeships/skills, co-determination, digitisation/automation, future of petrol/diesel/electric cars, high cost of living and energy crisis, high turnover of key skilled employees, impact of geo-political tensions on supply chains, impact on salaries/wages due to high inflation, supply chains/import/export, the way forward towards a `green` UK, sometimes with a guest speaker.

VIP Events

We lobby the UK Government on behalf of German business in the UK at VIP Dinner Discussions with Ministers in London to discuss challenges we face in the UK. We also discuss our challenges with major chief executives. We charge for these events.

Working Meetings

Working Meetings provide an opportunity to further your sales by making a presentation to fellow members at your premises. The Working Meetings are for GIUK members only. This service is free of charge.

Special Events

Usually free of charge but charged for when necessary.

Panel Discussions

Arranged in London with prominent speakers from German and British Governments and business on topics of concern to us eg. on Skills and Productivity amongst others. There may be a charge.
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